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Welcome to Pawsitively Purrfect Pet Center! We are an open concept 1000 sq ft shop here to cater to all your pets needs! We believe in providing a great grooming experience for all your pets. We offer high quality products and services to work best for your pets needs. Having your pet looking and feeling its best while having fun is what we aim for! We can customize our services to help best suit your pets needs.
Because your pets safety and well being is our top priority, we try to make your pets day at the spa as stress free as possible. We offer one on one grooming so there is no need for all days stay and no production line grooming. As soon as they are done their groom they are taken outside in our run for a bathroom break and then crated in our comfy houses until their pet parent arrives. We only keep the pet for the length of their groom so they are not kept from home for to too long. We will take care of your pet with love, care and understanding. 
Both cats and dogs of all breeds are welcome and will be professionally groomed to owner's specifications or breed standards.
We will take the time to talk to you about your pet, and what you feel is best for them and answer any questions you may have.
Let your pet have a PAWSITIVELY PURRFECT experience!

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Dog Training

 We are now offering dog training! We have a Certified Master Trainer on site to help with all your training need. Is your dog misbehaving? Have bad habits? Jumping? Barking? Aggression issues? Or are you just looking to start off on the right foot with novice obedience? If so call us today! Train your dog to listen out of respect through a balanced method of training. Correct unwanted behavior and praise the desired ones! Learning our First Command Response methods will have your dog listening on the first command every time with no treats or gimmicks!
Offering novice, intermediate and advanced obedience, behavior modification, consultations and specialized training like scent detection and more!
Novice obedience classes run for ten weeks, one hour classes once a week. Teach your dog the basics: sit, release, heeling, sit for examination, sit stay, stand,down, down stay recall and the out command.
Call today to start making mans best friend even better!!

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